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Your home is where your heart is, but what if your landlord goes into default and the bank isn't interested in where your heart lies? Well, you can trust that Sword & Shield Law can help understand what legal protections are available to you!


“Look-Out!” If only all business yelled this or had a sign that read such right before you tripped over negligently left piece of metal in the ground or slipped on an inconspicuous wet surface. Yet, the hard truth is many business do not exercise due care when they invite patrons on their property of business and the result can be catastrophic. If you have been injured on someone’s property do not waive your rights and don’t think there is nothing you can do. Sword & Shield Law will work tirelessly did get you compensation for your injuries.



We have been there too. Attorney Joshua G. Davis, has him-self had to navigate the pains associated with being in a serious car-accident, which is why we strongly advocate for our clients involved in such. We can empathize with their pain and frustration.

We know its nothing more inconvenient than having to navigate physical therapy when trying to attend to the normal tasks of life. This why we strongly pursue our clients’ claims for damages resulting from the negligent actions of corporations and individuals. It's their carelessness that inhibit peoples lives that are involved in such accidents. As an injury does not just effect you physically, but socially, economically, and mentally. Sword & Shield Law will get you the money you are entitled to compensate you for your losses.