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Wendell N. Davis, Esq. has been serving in the State of Michigan since 1977. A graduate with honors from Howard University (1972) and a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School (1976). In 1983, Mr. Davis began private practice specializing in personal injury and general areas of law – including corporate development, family law, criminal law, social security disability, worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, estates and trusts. In 1990 through 1993), Mr. Davis worked as an associate for the defense law firm of Kirk & McCargo in Detroit, Michigan. In 1994, Mr. Davis joined as general partner at the law firm of Goodman, Eklund-Easley & Davis, P.C. also located in the City of Detroit, Michigan. In 1999, Mr. Davis established his own law firm and office known as Metropolitan Legal Resource Center, P.C. where he currently specializes in personal injury (auto accidents), worker’s compensation, medical malpractice, and social security disability. Further, Mr. Davis’ law firm engages in a general practice of criminal law, estates and trusts, divorce and contracts. 

Mr. Davis maintains an insatiable drive and concern to provide necessary expert legal services in the satisfaction of his clients. 

Mr. Davis looks forward in serving you to resolve legal issues that you may